Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gabe B&W

Gabe B&W by Joe Jon!
Gabe B&W, a photo by Joe Jon! on Flickr.
The thinker.

Ethan B&W

Ethan B&W by Joe Jon!
Ethan B&W, a photo by Joe Jon! on Flickr.

Caden B&W

Caden B&W by Joe Jon!
Caden B&W, a photo by Joe Jon! on Flickr.
He's bad.

First Video

First Video
Originally uploaded by Joe Jon!
Caden helped me shoot the first official video with the new Panasonic HM-TA1 mini camcorder. He's always happy to oblige. Our old Sony Handycam is on its last legs. But we got this little camera, which is smaller than my cell phone, for less than 70 bucks. Hopefully it will last a year or two.

I have woefully neglected the blog after assuring myself I would be more active in the new year. But my blog activity is always a sure sign of how busy I am in life. Work has been crazy, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, basketball practices and games, homeschool activities, and much more fill up our time. And all along we forget to take pictures and make little notes.

I have done well keeping my written journal, though. And I am reading much more than normal. I have been updating Twitter with short bursts almost daily. I rarely do anything with Facebook anymore, though I have been getting razzed by friends at work whenever Stacie goes on my Facebook page and "likes" a product such as "Clairol" or other products focused on women.

The questions I asked Caden in the video are from the Westminster Shorter Catechism (WSC). In our family devotions we have been catechizing the children from the WSC, and they are doing well in memorizing the questions and answers. When I read that 80% (or more) of Christian children sent to public schools apostatize from the church when they leave the home it gives me pause for concern. We are thankful to be able to educate our children and bring them up in the ways of the Lord in our home.

I am getting eager to get back out on the creeks and streams of western North Carolina with my fly rod. I am looking to take some time in April and fish during the week, and I have the areas around Cherokee and the Pisgah National Forest in mind. If you would like to go, bring your tent and sleeping bag and we'll make it happen. I know of a few good places in that area, but am looking to get off the beaten path on this trip. I like the idea of having to hike in for 30-minutes just to wet a line. I don't think most fly fishermen are willing to do that, preferring the ease and comfort of fishing by the road, elbow to elbow. Either way, I plan to take my three boys with me. I also plan to have a fly rod in their hands more than mine this year. I want them to get "eat up with it," so to speak, so that I'll have fishing buddies for life.