Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy, But Not Completely Absent

Life is a whirlwind. I actually have a ton I could be posting about here, I'm sure, but I have sort of been going with the "micro" theme in terms of my use of social media. If you follow my Twitter feed you can get a small glimpse of what's up, such as Gabe's recent USSSA basketball game, which I consider his "breakout" game against one of the best teams in the state. He totaled 13 points and 10 rebounds (his first double-double) along with 5 or 6 blocks. He is probably the equivalent of a 7'0" center out there as a 6'1" 11-year old. He was very aggressive today, and it showed in his performance. So, instead of writing up huge blog posts about it I "tweeted" a few "tweets" while Gabe was playing.

I also have been trying to get more active posting pictures on Flickr, mostly with my cell phone. Stacie and I are horrible about taking pictures of the kids. We should do it more often. So, we're going to try a bit harder in the coming seasons to be more active there.

You can catch the action via the links to the left of the page. There you will see both my Twitter feed and my Flickr feed. You can actually "subscribe" to the Twitter feed and get updates via your cell phone. If you're really that deep in to what is up in the family, that is.

I am hoping things will slow down some, but I don't imagine that happening in the next 15-years as the boys get involved in more and more activities. I guess I just need to settle in and hold on for the long haul!