Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saving Money

Caden - Mohawk 2Ethan's Hair CutCaden - Mohawk 1

BP060811, a set on Flickr. Click each pic to enlarge!
Stacie had what we believe is a record in coupon savings the other night when she paid $13 for a whopping $118 in groceries. Her skills in the mastery of "couponing" are growing like a young Padawan evolving into a Jedi Knight.

Speaking of people who wield light sabers - our recent purchase of a Wahl hair clipper is saving us some bucks, too. As you can see by the photos I cut Caden's hair with the #2 guard, leaving his Mohawk untouched, much like a Jedi carving in to a platoon of Storm Troopers. His Mohawk is growing to be pretty long!

I also cut Ethan's hair for the first time using the #8 guard on top and #6 guard on the sides and back. I also trimmed it up with scissors and a comb. "Dad ain't bad!" is the word so far.

Gabe, whose hair is about as thick as a bamboo jungle in East Asia, won't let me touch him. And Stacie's beautiful hair requires the mastery of someone far more proficient than what my humble clipper skills can offer.

So, with these initial cuts we've already paid for half of what it cost for the clippers. 2-3 more cuts and I'll be able to save we saved a few more bucks.

In other news - Gabe and Ethan are taking their End of Grade testing in the homeschool today and tomorrow. They are looking forward to a bit of a break. But we'll be cranking up the homeschool a little earlier this summer while moving toward a more year-round calendar. Caden will officially be in Kindergarten this summer. He has been doing well in his preschool level work, and enjoyed the most recent Homeschool Co-Op group while learning about Dr. Seuss and his array of books. We hope to do some fun, easy-at-home type of science experiments this summer. We're also looking forward to some vacations coming up in September and October.

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