Friday, July 29, 2011

Water Heater Is Done

Water Heater is done. by Joe Jon!
Water Heater is done., a photo by Joe Jon! on Flickr.

I'm really glad I was here when our water heater caught fire.

I hit the rest button after the hot water disappeared this afternoon and immediately saw sparks and high voltage melting going on. I ran and turned off the outside breaker. I saw a tiny flame on the water heater and smacked it with my hand, putting it out. I then went inside for a flashlight. I came back and looked under the house and saw 8-10" flames rising from the upper thermostat. I had Gabe run for a big cup of water while I screwed the water hose on. Gabe came back and threw the cup of water on the flame. I then hit it with the water hose for a couple of seconds. A wee bit scary.

Looks like we have no hot water for a few days. I guess we'll take our showers in the travel trailer until we get a new unit. This old one has had it.

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